Why I left the paraglanning school in Italy

I left Paraglan as a student with the hope that I would eventually find my way back to the land of my birth.

I went to Italy, and was there for two years.

But after my first year, my parents were so unhappy with my decision to leave Italy that they asked me to return.

When I was back, they said I should go back to Paragliss, the school I left in.

I thought, ‘Oh, I’m going back to Italy now.

What’s going to happen?

It’s so far away, and I don’t want to go back there’.

But I knew what Paraglis was.

It was a school that had the highest standard of training in the country, and it was a very strict school.

But I was in Italy for a year, and they still wanted me to come back.

So I said yes.

And it was like a dream come true.

For a year and a half, I went back to school.

Then, one day, I got an email from my family.

They said they were moving to Italy to take me back.

I was completely shocked.

I knew my parents wanted me back, but I thought it was going to be a very long time before I could return.

So, after a year in Italy, I wanted to move on and start a new life somewhere else.

And so I decided to leave.

I didn’t really see the point in it.

I just wanted to find a new adventure.

So in the summer of 2016, I decided I would take a few months off and go back and get a job and go on holiday.

I wanted the opportunity to go on my own, because I was a bit bored at school.

And I wanted that chance to do something I didn´t want to do in my life, and do something new.

But in the end, I did something that I wanted, because it was so much more exciting than working as a paragletnik.

I got a job at a restaurant.

I decided that I had to take the opportunity I had received.

And then I had another chance.

I started a new job at the same restaurant.

In 2017, I took a year off and I was travelling to Italy every year for work.

So my family is still there, but they have a new home in Italy.

It’s a very nice place to live.

And now, in 2019, I am going back.

It has become a lot easier for me to be around people.

But when I go back, I have to be honest with them.

I know it is going to take a lot of work.

There will be many more challenges.

But this time, I will make it through it.