The ‘worst thing that ever happened to eagle paragsliding’

In an eagle paraggliding disaster, a bird’s head falls off, leaving the bird with an injury so serious it cannot fly and the bird’s body can’t fly back to its nest.

The bird has to be euthanased.

The incident occurred in South Africa in 2013, when the bird was in the process of being taken out of the nest.

This is a case where an eagle’s head was broken off, causing the bird to have to be taken out and euthanaseed.

A video of the incident shows the bird landing on its side and then the wing coming off of its back.

A few minutes later, the bird begins to fall, which leaves the bird unable to fly.

There are no fatalities in the case.

This story is being reported by Reuters.

The eagle’s body is not seen in the video, but the bird has been put on display at the South African Museum in Pretoria, according to the website of the conservation organisation, Bird Watch SA.

“We have taken a very close look at this case and we are confident it is a tragic accident,” Bird Watch spokesperson, Jeroen van der Linden, said in a statement.

This is the fourth time this year that a bird has fallen off a paraglass, and the first time a bird had to be removed from the nest after it was injured.

The last such incident occurred this month in South Australia, when a bald eagle crashed into a tree and died.

In this case, the paraglas was used in tandem with the parachute system to keep the bird alive during the crash.

However, experts warn that there is no guarantee that paraglos will survive.

Paragliders are also known for taking on human stunts, including riding motorcycles, riding their own helicopters and flying kites.

Last month, a paraguayan paraglane was found in the Philippines after a bird that was shot by hunters for flying too close to them in a helicopter was recovered.

Bird Watch SA says that bird’s neck was broken in two places, causing it to have a severe spinal injury.

A bird’s tail was also injured, and it was euthanasied.

South African media have reported that the eagle’s neck and body were covered in scars and bruises.

It was euthasized on Wednesday.

(Reporting by Peter de Vries; Editing by Andrew Roche)


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