Paragliders: What you need to know about the new, improved version of the sport

By Mark GoughPosted on October 13, 2018 08:21:08Paragliders can be a pretty cool sport.

The Paraglow-class has been around since the late 1980s, and has since been used by a number of different countries around the world.

Its most famous incarnation was the Paraglan, the first Paraglane to fly.

It was a huge success in Australia, where the aircraft is still used in paraglan races and the pilots are paid to be the first in the world to complete the course.

But the new Paraglite-class is a far cry from that, as it will be built on the same aircraft as the Paraguay.

The new model will be a hybrid of the two, with the wings being fitted to the sides of the wingspan and the mainplane coming off the mainplanes tail.

That means the wings can be folded down to form a smaller aircraft, while the mainbody is still connected to the wingtip.

The aircraft will have a range of flight times between 300 and 1,000 kilometres per hour, compared to the Paragon’s 600 kilometres per flight.

There will be some modifications to the cockpit and controls, including an upgraded cockpit display and a new, more streamlined nosecone.

The plane will also have a more streamlined fuselage, with a greater vertical fin in the tail.

The cockpit will have three-dimensional avionics and the ability to be controlled from the cockpit by the pilot.

The airframe will be based on the design of the Parago.

It will also include a fully electric engine that can be operated remotely.

This will allow pilots to be in the cockpit at the same time as they are in the air, and they will be able to see what is happening in the aircraft.

The crew will also be able, once the flight has finished, to take a selfie and upload it to Instagram.

The pilot will also get a remote-control pod that allows them to operate the aircraft from a distance.

The avionics, like the instrument panel, will be integrated into the cockpit, allowing the pilot to make quick decisions.

But there will also some small changes to the aircraft, such as a new landing gear.

This gear is designed to reduce the impact of turbulence during the landing, which will reduce the chance of pilot-to-copter collisions.

Paraglass pilots will also receive an upgraded safety system, which includes a video camera, helmet, and a helmet strap.

It also comes with an automatic landing system, and is designed with the pilot in mind.

The pilots will be allowed to take off and land with the aircraft in the same manner as the other pilots, and it will have an autopilot mode that will automatically come on and take over the role.

The cost of the aircraft has been kept under wraps, but the Paraganet is expected to cost about $600 million, and will have two crew members on board.

Paraganet-class aircraft are currently flying in the Indian Ocean, and are expected to be introduced in 2018.

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