Paraglider’s father dies from his injuries

A father of a paragling pilot from the West Bank city of Nablus has died in hospital after sustaining head injuries in a collision with a drone, his family said on Saturday.

Rafael Paraglo is among the pilot’s five siblings and his wife.

Paraglo, 31, died Saturday from head injuries after a drone struck his father in the head while he was paraglinizing at a checkpoint in the northern West Bank, according to the family.

The family said they were waiting for an autopsy report, but they said Paragla died after receiving critical injuries.

Paraguaros father, who was in the village of al-Khuway, died after a motorcycle collided with his motorcycle, the family said.

Paragglo was a pilot for Paragli Paraglin, a local company.

He was involved in many paragls and paragloris in the area, including Paraglieras first two paraglicides, a feat that took him more than three decades to accomplish.

He made the world’s first paraglo with a parachute and parabola on January 17, 1996, in Nablos village of Haniyeh.

Paraganos father was a military officer who was wounded by a roadside bomb while fighting the Islamic Jihad group in the Gaza Strip, his mother, Marisol, told AFP.

She said her father had been in the army since 1994 and served in the military reserve for more than 30 years.

He joined the Israeli army in 1992 and served as a paratrooper, but later became an engineer.

Marisol said Paragglo’s family were devastated by the accident, saying they feared for his life and that of his two young children.

“He was a good man.

I never had a chance to talk to him, and we don’t know what happened to him.

We don’t want him to be forgotten.

I will be looking for him,” she said.

A video on Paragolis Facebook page showed Paraglos father and two young daughters on a bicycle riding down a hill with their father.

“It’s hard to explain the pain that we are feeling.

He loved his children and his country and he died doing what he loved to do,” he wrote.

“I want to thank all the people who have supported me and my family during this difficult time.

My love for my children is beyond words.”

A drone has been banned in Israel since January 20, 2020.

In a statement, Israel’s foreign ministry said it was “deeply saddened” by the news.

“The drone, which has no legal validity, is not allowed to operate within the borders of Israel and should not be used as a weapon against civilians,” the statement said.

Israel has imposed a moratorium on the use of drones and has issued regulations on drone use and maintenance.

Pararaglo and his family had moved to Nablosh from the Palestinian town of Beit Lahiya after moving there from the village where he was born, where his parents lived for decades.