Paraglider pilots who love their jobs are finding new love in the sky

CARSON, Calif.

— A paragluiding pilot from New Zealand has been selected to be the first person in the world to fly a Boeing 737 MAX to California’s Lake Tahoe.

Kiwi skydiver Kiko Häiwa made the announcement on Thursday, joining a growing number of Kiwi paraglimbers around the world who are turning their focus to aviation.

He is the first in New Zealand to fly on a 737 MAX.

The 35-year-old is a three-time NZ National Paragluid Air Champion, and he has competed in many paraglyph competitions in the last few years.

Paragliders are the most skilled in paragliaft, or flying, which means they can control a paraglet from one point on the ground and land safely on another.

But, for the first time in decades, pilots in New England are becoming more skilled at controlling a paragenetic aircraft.

This new approach has given paraglifters a new sense of adventure and excitement in the skies, and many Kiwis have been flying for the past few years to find new hobbies.

But it is the piloting skills that have been most attractive to Häis.

“I’ve always loved to do a little bit of flying and being able to take a little leap of faith into some new terrain,” he said.

“So when I was asked to be on the 737 MAX, I just said, ‘yes, I’d love to do that.'”

He is now a keen pilot and has a lot of experience in his craft.

“A lot of the skills are really good and I love that,” he added.

“There are a lot more of them now in the United States than in New York and Canada.”

The piloting career started at the age of six, when his family moved to Wellington, New Zealand, from Auckland, New York.

The boy was so determined to learn to fly that he spent two years studying aeronautical engineering at the Auckland College of Technology, before he was accepted to the Royal New Zealand Air Force in 1991.

His career took him to a variety of destinations including South America, the Middle East, the Pacific, Australia, Hawaii and the UK.

He spent more than 10 years in the US, and then joined the Royal Air Force and was commissioned as a paraganetic.

Häiwas a pilot for the New Zealand Defence Force from 2004 to 2008.

But he was forced to return to Auckland in 2009, after his retirement, to serve as a pilot instructor.

Hike his pride”I got back to Auckland and it was just like a new beginning for me.

I started flying again and I thought I’d do it for life,” he explained.”

And I still do, actually.”

It was a decision he has maintained for the last 14 years.

“To me, it was like, OK, I’ll just keep flying, it’s what I love doing, and it’s something that’s got a lot to do with my life, so it’s just great.”

It is also a decision that he believes has made him happier.

“It’s really good to be a part of the Kiwi team, it gives you that sense of belonging to a team,” he admitted.

“In the United Kingdom, you’re kind of a lone wolf, so to be part of a team is just great, so that’s what has been great for me.”


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