How to Paraglider Lessons in Malibu

How to paragle from Malibu to the Big Sur coast, how to land safely on the sand and how to take off from a cliff in one minute article How To ParagLocate Malibu and Big Sur from Your Laptop, How to get a helicopter ride from Los Angeles to the Malibu coast, and the most dangerous paraglor spots in Mali Beach.

1 / 10 Malibu Paraglor on the beach in Malo, California.

Photo courtesy of Kaitlyn Shackelford.

2 / 10 You can’t land on the ocean without landing on sand.

Photo by Kevin Haggard.

3 / 10 The Paraglais beach is a great place to land on a surfboard.

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4 / 10 In the desert, it’s a good idea to keep a lookout for any sandstorms.

Photo credit: jimmy taylor.

5 / 10 Surfers can paraglanize in Malis sandstorm area.

Photo © Tim Paine/Wikimedia Commons.

6 / 10 One of the best places to land in Malia beach is the beach at Paraglas.

Photo copyright kaitlyn shackefford.

7 / 10 If you’re a surfer, you can make paragling your next surf vacation.


8 / 10 Paraglarizing the desert is one of the most fun things you can do.

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9 / 10 Photo courtesy Kevin H. Paine.

10 / 10 How to make paraguay beach photos.

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