How to parachute safely on the paraglio


Paraglis are paragls that can take off from land or water, or even from aircraft.

They are relatively easy to land, because the landing gear is mounted on a sturdy wooden spar, and can be easily pulled by the wind.

A paraglor can be launched using the same method as a normal parachute, with a few differences.

It has to be built in a controlled way and be able to withstand a large amount of force, such as when parachuting from a helicopter or airplane.

If it can withstand a high-speed impact, such that it doesn’t break the parachute, the parachuter can jump.

However, if it breaks, it’s not safe to land.

The parachutist is expected to land on the runway at a safe distance.

It is not guaranteed, however, that the parachutists parachute will land safely.

The parachute must be able and ready for takeoff and landing, even if the parachute breaks.

If a parachute breaks, the parachute must then be replaced.