How to Get Into Paraglider in Georgia

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch for parts of Georgia and South Carolina for the next several hours.

The National Hurricane Center is warning of tornadoes over parts of Tennessee and Georgia.

A storm warning remains in effect for parts. 

What is paragenesis?

Paragenesis is the process of creating an image using different exposures or exposures in order to create a composite of different areas. 

Paragenesis has become a popular technique used in landscape photography, particularly to create large images. 

“Paragenesis is an art that we’ve been using for the past 100 years,” said Dan Bresch, a former student of Brescher and Brescht at the University of Oregon.

“It’s not a new technique, but I think it has gained a lot of attention and popularity because of the technology it uses to create the images.” 

What do you do to prevent paragaming?

First, keep your eye on the clouds and see how they’re progressing.

“This is a very important skill to have,” Brescha said.

“The clouds are moving and are moving in a very irregular fashion, so you have to stay on the radar.

That way, you’re always aware of what the clouds are doing.” 

Second, get out of your house and let the clouds move by themselves.

“If you’re not looking at the clouds, then you’re missing out on the experience,” Bremch said. 

Third, keep a watchful eye on your property and avoid getting in the way of the clouds.

“When the clouds start to get really close, you have a better chance of being able to get them,” Brech said, and “if you can get in the clouds without being hit, then that’s going to be your chance.” 

Fourth, if you have an unobstructed view of the ground, “try to get out as quickly as you can,” Bbrech said and try to “move with the wind as much as you possibly can.” 

Finally, if there is a lot going on, “get as much of the sky as you could, and just let the sky do its thing,” Bresh said.


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